KOLLAM (Quilon)


Appreciatively raised by prominent travelers like Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta (who considered then, in the fourteenth century as a major trading centers of the world), Kollam is the place from which starts the famous network of lakes and canals the Backwaters.
Lake Ashtamundi occupies nearly 30% of the area of Kollam district, and can travel more than 130 km of canals to the north from there.

KOLLAM is considered the hub of trade in cashews and fisheries in the region.





By plane .ar avion, TRIVANDRUM airport is 70 km southwards.


The Kollam Railway Station is connected with most major cities of Kerala.



A highway that runs through the Kollam Kerala through the national NH47. The city is well served by buses.

To visit

The ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi (AMMA) known to Amritapuri, in Vallikavu. This ashram is very important built on over 10 acres, constituting a real city, with a post office, bank, library, dispensary, etc. ...

The temple Dharmasastha of Sasthamkotta dedicated to Ayyapa (born of the union of Mohini - another name of Lakshmi, consort of Vishnu - and Shiva, known in other regions of India Hariharan). The numerous monkeys that had settled in the surrounding woods were long regarded as the disciples of Dahrmasastha, avathar of Ayyapa and revered as such. An atonement that lasts 10 days is held every year in which can be attend many folk activities, processions of elephants, etc ...





 KOLLAM (Quilon)





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